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The Art of Cigar Smoking

The Art of Cigar Smoking

The Art of Cigar Smoking

Bring the lit cigar to your lips and blow the first puff out to expel any harsh flavors left over from lighting, then take your first inward puff. Let the cool smoke swirl into your mouth, but don’t inhale. Remove the cigar from your mouth. Savor the flavors and gently exhale. Wait a moment before you take the next puff.

 Chewing on a cigar, or holding the cigar between your teeth while your hands are otherwise occupied, is not a good idea. You are likely to end up with a wet, compressed stub that doesn’t draw well. It’s not pleasant or pretty. 

Don’t be reluctant to put your cigar down in an ashtray for a few seconds now and then. As long as you take a puff every minute, a well-made, well-maintained cigar should stay lit.

Smile. You are enjoying one of life’s great pleasures!

When you are through, don’t “stub out” your cigar. Extinguishing it as you would a cigarette will release unpleasant odors from the remaining tars. Simply place your cigar in an ashtray – it will go out by itself, without producing extra smoke. Dispose of butts quickly to avoid lingering aromas.

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